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Touching Base

blog barred plymouth rock hen and rooster

So, here we are once again! This will be a quickie, as I’m at work…but it’s nice I can do this as I’m getting my duties down. I’m finding I’m missing my chickens here lately, hence the picture.

Update on Kate and horses: two of the mares are back home, and Kate has moved into rehab in Austin, TX. I am trying to make arrangements to get the stallion back, and the last mare it was decided she will stay in the foster home until January when her colt is able to be weaned as the foster home is keeping the colt. The stallion pens have been built, and I just need a friend to get back in town with his pickup to get the remaining components of the shelters to be made, then those can be built, yay!

I am loving my new job…elder care is apparently a good deal more my ‘thing’. We do her PT daily, and spend time on memory exercises and balance, as well as I do their meal and snack prep, help clean house, and run errands. Loving it!! Which is very interesting…and good.

Worlds were awesome. My long yearling and I will be starting our exercise routine this week, now that the rain (RAIN!!! In TX!) has passed out of the area. I need to lose about 25# (ugh, how’d that happen again?? Stress weight…blech!), and he needs to build muscle. We will begin walking, and take it from there. I want to be at Worlds next year, showing this time!

Mystery Writing class began Monday, it was very informative and I am looking forward to this whole series.

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Pain you can’t even imagine.

Please spread the word, and keep these ranchers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

Frosty pine tree

If you aren’t in the ag world, you most likely haven’t heard about the devastating loss that ranchers in western South Dakota are struggling with after being hit by winter storm Atlas.

For some reason the news stations aren’t covering this story. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t. This story has heartbreak, tragedy and even a convenient tie into the current government shutdown. Isn’t that what the news is all about these days?

But the news isn’t covering this story. Instead the story is spreading around on social media, Bloggers are writing from their ranches in South Dakota. Bloggers are trying to explain how the horrible happened. And now I am going to join them to tell you the part of the story that I know and I am going to ask you to help these people, because if you are here reading this blog I know you give…

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Will You Tolerate This?

I have to share this one…very well thought out and written post on the current state of affairs…(btw, not ignoring my blog, simply sorting out the new work schedule!)

According To Hoyt

I hesitated very long at writing this post, partly because a friend told me it might feed hothead talk and nothing else.  But I think I know how to explain it.

The title of the post is from an episode of Robin Hood.  I thought from the costumes/look that it was from the eighties, but it’s apparently from 2006, BBC America.  This explains its overtones of anti-government rage.  (Notice to those who write political-message stories.  When the administration changes, the other side might REALLY like them. 😛  Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

I had no clue when it was made, because I watch TV primarily while I iron clothes.  (Shud up.  Ironing clothes is my Zen practice.  It calms the wandering mind.)  And when I watch it, I turn on Amazon Prime free streaming and browse till something catches my eye.

Robin Hood was a childhood hero…

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Update on Kate and the Fundraiser

lillie lou

Things are coming together in this effort, thank You Jesus and donors!

As of today, I am sending $500 to Kate’s daughter for her, and Monday a volunteer and I are going to Livingston, TX to pick the mares and foal up from their foster home. That will get them into a knowledgeable horse home again, important as two of the mares are apparently expecting foals soon, and the current foster has never handled foaling before.

My church family has been over the last 3 nights, working on stallion runs for Jangles (coming back) and Two-Bit (his son my son had kept) to keep them separated from each other and the mares. All posts are in and gates hung, and some fencing hung and stretched, and one of them will be finished for Two-Bit by Monday. The other will be finished before we bring Jangles back home, as I do not want any more unauthorized breeding! I hate not knowing when the foals are due…it is alot of undue stress.

I have been told about 2 small shelters for those two that can be gotten for $250, so am working on raising those funds.

A donor has covered the gasoline expenses to go pick up the mares Monday, God bless you!
A donor has also sponsored Lillie and her foal, these are the horses Kate is retaining ownership of for her therapy and to give her a reason to keep going. This donor will be covering Lillie and foal’s feed and hay, bless you!
A donor has sponsored the other 3 horses feed bills, which is a huge relief to this paycheck-to-paycheck single mother, bless you!

Kate has one more skin graft surgery this coming week, and then it is my understanding she is being released to a home in Austin for the rest of her recovery. Once she is settled I will be seeing if it is possible to take a mini to visit her there every now and then.

She has lost a leg to the fire and part of a hand, so I will be looking into training Lillie or her colt to being handled from a wheelchair. I am not sure what costs will be involved with that, if any. Lillie is the mare pictured above, and again, she will be Kate’s therapy horse.

If anyone would like to sponsor Lillie’s farrier bill ($30 every 6 wks) and/or regular care costs (ie, worming, vaccinations, and such), please let me know.

I will need about $150 travel expenses to go pick up Jangles, as he is nearly to the TX/AR border when I googlemapped the town where he is! If anyone can help with that, it is greatly appreciated! At this point, what I have left to raise is:

$400 to finish paying Kate for the agreed on price of the horses,
$150 travel to go get Jangles from New Boston,
$250 shelters for the stallions,
$100 gate for the extra field (already fenced, just needs a gate)
and I would love to give Kate a donation of $1,000 to help her get set back up, pay off bills, whatever. She needs clothes, personal items, etc…EVERYTHING was lost to the fire. I was told by one person, You know that isn’t going to equal much really for her, it isn’t going to make a dent in her bills…and I do know that. What I also know is what it can mean to her heart to know people care enough to give ANYTHING. I’ve been there myself. It’s not about paying off her medical bills. It’s about letting her know people care she lives, and is trying to live, despite everything, and cheering her on.

Any help is appreciated. Prayers and good thoughts, too!

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blog goldandorange falling leaves on wind

Today is my last day watching little Emmett, as they move out east tomorrow. He’s napping now, after laying down with him and getting him to sleep for the last time *soft smile* I thought the falling leaves a good picture for today, for a variety of reasons. I have been working on teaching him the joys of crunching leaves underfoot, which has to be one of the purest, most satisfying sounds and sensations on earth =) We went for a long last walk today, and though leaves aren’t really even thinking of falling yet in Texas, there is a feeling of autumn to the air, which is wonderful. And I think it also a beautiful symbol of change.

He and I both start a new adventure tomorrow, so here goes! Grow with God, little man, and peace be upon you in all you do…grow up to be honorable, strong and true, and don’t give your mom TOO hard of a time in the doing! *laughs* voice of experience there…

Time to help her pack up the hotel room!

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