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Guilt Is Easier Than Pain

Guilt Is Easier Than Pain.


I have to share this one, it is spot on and an eye opener. Ouch. Enough said LOL!

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Sorting Things Through

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Well, it’s been awhile…again *rolls eyes at self*. Of course, as soon as I do that, I am reminded of a dear friends words that she has spoken sooo many times-“be gentle with yourself”. So, tea and lilacs, in lovely china, and letting myself “think out loud” a bit, today.

There’s been a lot going on internally, boiling under the surface, for weeks if not months. This time of year, issues with my sons, and the attempted suicide of a church acquaintance bring it into harsh relief against the culture we live in today. So many times I see or hear things, and want to speak, but don’t feel safe doing so. Or I run and hide. Or some odd combination of both.

“Raw and real” is a phrase that was whispered into my soul a few years ago now. It’s what He wants of me, of us, of His creation, no matter what that looks like, or whether we ‘have it all together’ or are falling into a billion pieces. It’s the denial of that…of the TRUTH of what is going on in in our lives, our families, and this world that is making everything fall apart while we put some happy face of denial on it. Then I listen to the news and a senator is stabbed after his son was turned away from mental health hospitals due to crowding (and then killed himself), Muriel Hemingway is on NPR talking about her family, upbringing, and her new book “Running From Crazy” (which I desperately want to read now), and the question is spoken over and over “What are we doing wrong with ________ that this happens?” by reporter after reporter. (You fill in the blank…mental health, alcoholism, abuse, etc)

I don’t know what all the answers are. I do know that if we (the communal ‘we’, societal and individual) quit condemning people, quit wearing our masks all the time, actually let ourselves IN TO OURSELVES, even…if the church would BE the Church…if we could conquer Fear….we’d be getting somewhere, as a society. Small pockets of that exist, and it gives me hope.

I mean to create one of those pockets here, no matter how scary it is.

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