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Pope Francis and Karl Marx: best friends forever?

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The Matt Walsh Blog

The Pope is not a Marxist.

I can’t believe I even need to write that sentence.

Of course the Pope is not a Marxist.

It is a sad indictment of our society that he even had to clarify that point this weekend.

Into what sort of twisted and bizarre alternate dimension have we stumbled? The Pope — the most prominent, religious, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage figure on the planet — must defend himself against the ignorant attacks of… conservatives? The Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church, the leader of Progressive Secularism’s most hated institution. The Pope, the man who recently released an Apostolic Exhortation in which he proclaimed abortion to be an atrocity that “cries out in vengeance to God.”

The Pope, the guy who, in the same document, also said this:

“..This defence of unborn life is closely linked to the defence of each and every other human right…

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Pope Francis, The People’s Pope

I am not Catholic, and I know he is not perfect. That said, I love this Pope and this is a surprisingly well-written article, imo.

Person of the Year

To read about TIME’s choice in Spanish and Portuguese, click below.
EL ELEGIDO: El Papa Francisco es la Persona del Año 2013 de TIME
A Escolha: O Papa Francisco é a Personalidade do Ano eleita pela Time em 2013

On the edge of Buenos Aires is a nothing little street called Pasaje C, a shot of dried mud leading into a slum from what passes for a main road, the garbage-strewn Mariano Acosta. There is a church, the Immaculate Virgin, toward the end of the ­pasaje—Spanish for passage—where, on one occasion, the local priest and a number of frightened residents took refuge deep in the sanctuary when rival drug gangs opened fire. Beyond the church, Pasaje C branches into the rest of the parish: more rutted mud and cracked concrete form Pasajes A to K. Brick chips from the hasty construction of squatter housing coagulate along what ought to be…

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Thinking on Said Priorities

blog hen setting on puppy

This picture was just too awesome NOT to use LOL!

I tend to think best in writing, or out loud. So beware…this is one of those posts *VBG*

I have the Minis..though my “program” was devastated and blown to bits in ’12 & 13, for the most part. THEN Jesus drags me to the World show, after me trying to get there for well over a decade, finally giving up years ago, and despite having lived within a 2 hr drive of it for the past 5 shows, just not even letting myself think of it. Then this year…He tells me to go. I am still processing those 2 days. We’ll get to that later. But I know that He wants me to show the Minis, and I know it has something to do with teaching me that beauty matters, and that I am capable.

I also know they are about more than just showing…or even showing and breeding. They are to have a part in helping people, the way they’ve helped me.

So, there is that.

I know they can also be trained to do things like pull plows, wagons, and just generally make themselves useful. And they are practically automatic fertilizer dispensers!

So, steps. I need to begin with what I have, which currently amounts to a few mini horses, and some gardening tools.

I need to focus on some version of a barn. A round pen for training and working purposes. Training and working.
And I need to focus on plotting out garden area(s), what I am going to grow this year, and what I need to do it.
And I would like to put in a herb garden.
I would love to have chickens again. First, I need a coop.
And I really do need a livestock guardian dog. Anatolian Shepherd or Great Pyrenees. I would consider a guard donkey, but after talking to many many farmers, I’m told repeatedly they will kill foals, as they don’t recognize them as part of the herd, and the same with new additions to the herd. I’m not sure if Llama’s have the same issue, and I’m not sure I want to deal with a Llama, anyhow. I know nothing about them. I’ve fostered Pyr’s, and I’ve had exposure to Anatolians, and both have strengths and weaknesses, and both would work. So that will simply depend on finding the right one at the right time. Winter is not the time to start a new dog, and certainly not pups. Or chicks.

But I can work on coop ideas and plans!

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Priority Setting


I love this picture…it’s like a dream valley farm *soft smile*

Between the idea and seeing the end result, there are all the steps, the process. I’ve come to realize that in this age of instant everything, we’ve lost the beauty, joy, and fulfillment of “process”. Just a few years ago, when a dear brother rebuked me for trying to skip the process of healing and just “be healed”, I wanted to rip his head off. See, I grew up in that brand of churchianity that says good Christians have a cake walk life, live in mansions, never want for anything, and surely to goodness feel no pain…so if you AREN’T dancing through life with no trials and more money than you know what to do with, and have any inner pain at all, then you are in sin or at best, “not walking in faith”. If you have grief, or inner turmoil, or anything “wrong” with your life, then well…just lay it at the alter for goodness sake and get over it!

Jesus abruptly challenged me one day, in the doorway to my then bedroom, that I could either continue on that path, or walk with Him. Not very hard to make the decision…seven years later, I’m still learning HOW. When my brother said “process”, I think it took me months to get my head around that word, alone! That said, I have come to embrace the process, and the grace and mercy that come along with it…no wonder so much of todays church has so very little of either.

So anyhow, homesteading. Process. Probably, they are about one and the same. And I need to figure out what the next step is. I find myself a tad bit…how do I word this. Gardening, planting, livestock…all of that means putting down roots. I haven’t had roots for a very long time. I have also been seeing the negative effects of pulling up roots, in both my children and myself. I’m not sure how many roots I *want* to put here, being I already know it’s only temporary…I know I will be here a few years, but still, it’s temporary. Thinking…

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blog homestead drawing

OK, so it’s not exactly the right idea, but it does show alot of the right ingredients…

Tis odd to me, that I wrestle with this idea so much. I named my blog after homesteading, for goodness sake. I did that because it’s a part of me I can’t escape, despite how I’ve tried. Something in my gut, deeper than I can root out, cries out to plant and till (not necessarily in that order!), get a mini milk cow, raise livestock, fix as much of our food as I can off of my own land.

Maybe it’s that I don’t have my own land, and I’m afraid my landlords are going to go back on telling me I could do what I want that way, like the last one did.

Maybe it’s that the urgency of the burning in my gut honestly terrifies me a bit.

Maybe it’s that I don’t trust my own hearing, or myself, to do it “right”. Then I come back at myself with “for goodness sake, how many wrong ways can there be to turn over a shovel full of dirt?”

I’ve raised chicks to laying hens, and loved it. Maybe it’s because I had to sell them, and the three I was going to keep and bring with me said last landlady wouldn’t let me take with me, and then killed them. And I feel guilty.

Alot of it is trying to figure out how in the world to fit tending crops and animals around the 3 jobs I work and the bare minimum of house tending I do now. Why grow a garden when I’ve not time to cook? That sort of thing.

Some of it is fear of actually making a home….a REAL home. Something that I’ve never been allowed or able to do before. Now that I find myself in a place that could *be* a home, and Jesus sorting things out a bit more each day as I work with Him on finances and parenting and all the other etc of life, now, I am in a place I could do that. And I find I hardly know what to do. Or I fear I do.

It’s amazing how crippling fear can be. Fear can keep you from mixing up a batch of cookies, for goodness sake. I’m using that phrase too much. But today, it works.

But perfect love casts out fear. I find it interesting that He specified “perfect” love. Not just any ol’ “love”…His love. God’s love casts out fear. Jesus, Spirit, Father’s loves cast out fear. It’s part of why I pray things like “Jesus, come…” or “Your kingdom come, Your will be done”. His will is love, in it’s entirety, with all of it’s repercussions.

Holy Ones…let Your love live in me…bring Your love and life to fruition here, in this little bit of Your kingdom, help me to walk in it. And to get out the shovel. Cuz it’s time to get the compost in the ground!

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