The Healing Homestead blog is born of my love of writing, the fact that I know myself well enough to know I do better when I am writing, a desire to have witnesses to my journey (to be painfully honest), and a desire to help others as well as myself.

I am a single mother of 4, who has never been able to shake a passion for horses, farming the ‘old ways’, heritage and history, and helping others….despite what life has been. Due to the help of incredible friends/people five years ago, I was able to leave a very abusive situation of nearly two decades. Due to their continued help…listening ears, much wisdom, much love, and a good hard shaking now and then….I am healing, and my feet are set firmly on that path. I am learning what it means to be alive, to be a woman, to dream and desire and to care. Some days are still very dark. I wrestle, occasionally, still, with thoughts of suicide, and depression is a battle. This blog will be hopeful, dreaming, and alive. It will also be raw…I am not going to shy away from the hard subjects, because I know I am not alone. There are others out there who grew up in or are still living with any of the types of abuse, and no one is less than another, or more. It is my dream to provide a safe haven online, where those in that situation can read and listen and maybe even comment….and for the ‘physical’ homestead to be a place for retreats, visits…someplace anyone can come to and brush a small horse, toss feed to the chickens, smell flowers, purchase fresh garden produce, sit on a bench and let the cares of the world ease away, even if just for a time.

Currently, I will not lie, the land and dream are more raw than I am! It is all a work in progress, and since I am a renter, not so much in the progress area as I’d like. So, you will get to see it grow, step by step, inch by inch more likely. One day, there will be my own place, somehow. Thank you for stopping by, and please, leave comments. I am always open to tips on any subject, friendly banter, deep conversations, or just an expression of how my site affects you. The coffee pot and tea kettle are always on!

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